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This Just In.. "Cable/Satellite TV is Dead" Find Out Why This Is Making Headlines
Internet Protocol TV is the way of the future
Watch This Important Public Service Announcement
Are you paying too much? 
Looking to "Cut the Cord"?
The Age of Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) is here.
Internet based television has opened up literally a whole new world of entertainment options. No longer do you need to be limited to a cable service or a satellite dish. Generally the only requirement is a decent Internet Service.  (The service live streams at 1080p) You can watch on any computer through an internet portal, or you can install an app on your phone or Amazon Firestick of on some smart TVs. Multiple ways to take your TV service with you. No need to pay extra for Movie channels or sports packages. There is even a free pay for view channel. Hundreds of international channels for countries from around the world.
Not before you see the offer to earn a complimentary vacation voucher below.
How would you like to take your TV on vacation with you? You can't do that with cable or satellite. You can with IPTV. We will even provide the vacation. 
If you refer just five of your friends or relatives to visit this page, we are going to reward you with a complimentary vacation voucher just for looking. SERIOUSLY! Again, to be clear, there is no obligation. You don't actually have to buy anything or sign up for any service. All you have to do is look and then help us spread the word to others you think might benefit from this information. 
Transparency - Full Disclosure - No Surprises
The resorts use this program to fill rooms that might otherwise be left vacant. They are betting that you will spend money in their restaurants, bars, and gift shops. Even though they do not charge you for the room there is still a small occupancy tax in most locations. You will be asked to cover that. Estimate $15 to $20 per day + plus some resorts charge a daily Resort Fee. Be sure to inquire about that when making your reservations.
THIS IS NOT A TIME SHARE PRESENTATION You may be offered upgrades at some of the resorts by some of which require a facility tour.. Your choice.
Save Money - Make Money
There are two ways to get started. The first is to simply sign up as a customer and you qualify to receive a $10 direct bonus on all your personal referrals each month. When  you reach 5 your service is essentially  FREE! 
But wait there's more!
NuMedia has the best compensation plan in the industry. 
The second way is to invest a small amount in a director package if you are sincere about turning this into an income.You get your first month of NuMedia service and you get enough vouchers with your sign up to recover your investment and even make a profit on it by using the vouchers automatically on your first six sign-ups.. 
STAR Director Packages
Becoming a 1, 2 or 3 STAR Level Director includes huge benefits to build a solid income base that can turn into realzing your lifelong dream of financial independence. Duplicating your efforts by building your marketing Teams is one of the fastest and most lucrative ways to financial independence with your NuMedia business opportunity. A path to immediate, daily and weekly “unlimited” earnings. The NuMedia Infinity pay plan is unique in that it has a true infinity component that pays through infinite depths of certain parts of your organization.  Each director package includes your first month of Numedia service.
Click this button and you will be taken to a page that allows you to join as a subscriber, one star director, two star director or three star director. 
To help you build your income stream they also offer programs for 
Just to use very conservative numbers, suppose you could personally only find 10 people who wanted to save money on their cable bill and get their service for free. And those 10 only got enough to pay their service by getting 5 referrals each. And lets say for some reason that only went down 4 levels and nobody ever did anything except watch TV after that. You can use your imagination and play with this calculator on the sign up page.
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